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Steps To Use Ion Hair Color


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Ion hair color is available in 2 options such as liquid and cream. This product can be used if you are planning to color the hair permanently. It can be purchase from any online store. Try to follow a proper technique while using this hair color on your hair. It is better to do the strand test before applying any type of color on your hair to check for any allergies. You can use 1-2 levels lighter than the hair color to achieve a dark look in the porous hair.
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First mix ion hair color and the developer in a bowl with equal amount. You must follow two techniques while using the mixed color on your hair. The first is using this color on a fresh hair that has been not colored before. In this option your can apply the mixed color all over the hair as per your desire. If you hair has been colored before, try to use the mixed color on your hair roots first and then slowly move to the hair ends. Leave the color for about 20 minutes for the 10 volume developer, but it normally depends on volume that is used for the coloring. The times can be reduced if you have a thin hair and those who have a thick hair must leave the hair color to dry as per the instructions mentioned on the product. The processing time can increase if you are using the 20 volume developer.

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