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Methods To Cut Curly Hair Ends


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Cutting the hair ends can be an easy task if it is completely straight. In case you have a curly hair, then it is important to follow a proper technique to do this perfectly. The method that is followed to cut the curly hair is almost similar to cutting other hair type. Decide about the length you want to achieve after the haircut as the curly hair will look short after it gets dry.
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First make the hair wet with water and make it tangles free. The divide your hair as sections which will be secured in place using clips. Now take out once sections of hair and slide it in your fingers till you get about one inch of hair in the fingers. Try to cut the hair that is left out of the fingers using normal scissors. Use the same method of cutting the hair ends on the remaining hair sections. The curly hair will have different texture when compared to other hair types and it is important for us to style it in a proper way after the cutting process. Make sure to maintain the dampness your hair during the cutting process which will be useful in achieving same length in your hair at the ends on all sections. Always try to trim the hair vertically which will prevent from losing too much of hair during the cutting process and avoid horizontal hair-cutting as it can remove excess hair.

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