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Dealing With Curl Hair Perm


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Perm can give a good look on any type of hair, but using it on a curly hair can be risky. Using perms on the curly hair can make yourself look bad and if you have a weak hair it can become more difficult for the hair to withstand the perm. There are few ways that can help in taking the perm out of your curly hair.
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First wash the hair and use a shampoo that has been specially developed for treating the permed hair. Then dry the hair with towel and now take coconut oil that will be used all over the hair. Divide the hair into small parts and start spreading the oil from top to end of your hair. Make sure that the entire hair is covered with the coconut oil before proceeding further. Next cover the head with shower cap and let the oil stay on the hair for about 2 hours or more depending upon your preference. Now you can rinse your hair using warm water before using a normal shampoo for washing the hair once again. You can use the same oil again by following the same method if you think that the hair looks tight. Leave the hair to dry on its own after the styling process and stay away from heat styling tools as they can damage the hair more. If you are still not satisfied with your curly hair, get a good haircut.

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