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Treating Hair With Olive Oil Before Using Relaxers


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It is important to control the hair growth in between the relaxers to maintain it in a proper way. You can do this using an olive oil than going for other methods. It can help to keep the hair soft and make it easily manageable. There are also other ways that can be followed for managing the newly grown hair, but this one can be used at home without spending too much time as well as money.
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First take extra virgin olive oil in a bowl and keep it in a microwave to make it slightly warm. Start using this olive oil on your hair and make sure it enters into the scalp as well. Try to rinse the entire hair using water and use the olive oil once again on the hair and mainly on the hair roots. You can also use the oil on the relaxed part of the hair if required. Start massaging the scalp for about five minutes and wrap the entire head with a towel. Now use the hooded dryer on the head for about 45 minutes which will make the oil to easily enter into the hair. Then wash the hair with shampoo before applying the conditioner which can help to maintain the moisture in your hair. Continue the same process for about a week before using the relaxer on your hair again. Anyone can use this method on the hair and mainly if you have afro hair.

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