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Coloring Hair With Vegetable Dye


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Vegetable dye is known to be one of the best and natural way of coloring the hair. You must know the proper way to color the hair with the vegetable dye and it is also suitable for pregnant women who must stay away from chemical hair colors. Most of the hair dye that is made using vegetable are semi-permanent that can fade away within a short period of time. You can use the hair dye on small part of the hair to check for any allergies.
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First you must know the color which will be used on the hair as the vegetable dye can produce just natural shades. You can use sage along with rosemary for coloring the grey hair. To do this try to keep these herbs in the water for few hours and strain the liquid out for using it over the hair. Leave the hair to dry on its own and rinse it normally. Another option is using chamomile tea and lemon juice which can make the hair color lighten. Try to using henna on the hair to achieve red color. You can also mix henna along with other herbs to create different shades. There is also dark henna available in the store that can produce dark red color. To make the hair color look much darker, try to leave it on the hair for a long time or you can also continue the same process at least twice.

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