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Twisting Hair Into Sections With Beeswax


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Twisting hair can be done with different various techniques. One of the best method for creating this hairstyle is using beeswax which can be done at home. Here are few steps that can help to create the twisted hairstyle. You can also get some tips of using the beeswax on the twisted hair to make the hairstyle look perfect. Just use the following methods for twisting the hair into sections with the help of beeswax.
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First brush the hair to make it detangled and divide the hair part that will be used for twisting the hair. Separate each hair section into sub-sections with equal amount. Keep the sub-section in between the fingers for twisting them just like a rope. After twisting the hair, try to keep one of the sub-sections in your hand and hold another sub-section in your other hand. Start twisting them together and coil around to create a spiral look. After reaching the end of your hair add a little amount of wax in your fingers for applying it over the twist. Then melt down the beeswax and apply it over the hair which can keep it in place. In case the twists look separate at the middle of the head, try to create a more sleek looking twist. Avoid using too much of beeswax on the hair as it can spoil the entire look. Don’t use too much of beeswax on the hair section as it can make the twisted section little bit tight.

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