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Twirl Bun Hairstyle


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Creating a twirl bun is very easy as it can be achieved with the help of your fingers. There are different ways that you can use the fingers to create the twirl bun. There is no need to create this hairstyle in a perfect manner as you can do this very casually. At the end of your hairstyling process, try to secure the unwanted hair in place using few bobby pins. Here is the best technique that can be used for creating this beautiful and simple looking bun hairstyle.
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The basic method that is used while creating the bun is creating a ponytail. You must do the same in this bun hairstyle also as the ponytail can become the base of your bun. Then take the hair strands and try to twist it with the fingers in one direction till you reach the end of your hair. There is no need to twist your hair in a perfect manner as it can look messy which can be corrected in the final step. Now try to wrap the hair around itself to create the bun which must look like a doughnut. Take bobby pins for securing the bun on each side of the head for keeping ti secured neatly in place. You can also secure the stray hair that comes out of the twisted hair using the bobby pins. Finally mist the entire bun with a spray to keep it smooth and shinny.

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