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Treating A Mixed Hair


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Having a mixed hair can give a tough time for most of the people. It is important to treat this type of hair in a proper manner, so it can look beautiful as well as healthy. You can find various products for styling the mixed hair, but make sure to follow the instructions carefully for better result. There are few things that must be followed without fail while treating the mixed hair at home.
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Always wash your mixed hair using a good quality shampoo at least once during the week. This will maintain the hair healthy without getting dried completely. Use hairstyling products that feature natural oils as it can maintain the moisture in your hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as the natural oil present in the hair will get reduced that can make it look dull. Use the hair conditioner that is specially made for this type of hair. You can try out moisturizing conditioner for massaging it gently into your hair from top to bottom and don’t use it over the scalp. You must also use deep hair conditioner at least one time in a month by following the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Always dry the hair by simply patting it with the towel and don’t put too much pressure on the hair. Use wide-toothed hair brush for combing your hair and first keep the comb at the bottom of your hair before moving towards the scalp.

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