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Changing Brown Hair Into Purple


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Coloring hair with purple can be easy on any type of hair, but if your hair looks brown try to follow a particular method to do it. By changing the brown hair into purple color can make it look very unique as well as attractive. Just use the following method for coloring the hair from brown to purple. Always use the hairstylist recommended product for coloring the hair to prevent any kind o damage to your hair during the process.
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First wear hand gloves and do the strand test to look for any allergies. Then wash the entire hair as usual and dry it normally using a towel. Start applying the bleach all over your hair and select the bleach that is specially made to be suitable for your hair type. Try to apply a hair gel over the hairline around the neck and behind your ear to prevent color from falling on the skin. Apply the hair color using tint brush and saturate the entire hair with it. Let the hair color stay for at least fifteen minutes or just follow the instructions mentioned on the product. Now you can remove the color by rinsing the hair and wash the hair normally without using a clarifying shampoo. Avoid using a hair conditioner and use only products that are recommended by the hair coloring product. In case you want to get rid of the purple color from your hair, try to use vinegar wash.

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