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Styling Short Hair With Diffuser


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Having a short can be a problem for most of them as it cannot be styled in different ways. In the same way using a diffuser on a short hair can give a hard time if you are able to follow the right method. Here is a simple method that can be helpful while using the blow dryer along with the diffuser on a short hair and this can be perfect choice with curly hair.
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First dampen the hair with water and apply a hair product before using the diffuser on the hair. Make sure that the hair product applied on your hair before using the diffuser is able to add a little bit of hold in the hair. It can also make the hair tangles free so the diffuser can be used in a perfect manner. While using the blow dryer on the hair try to attach a diffuser and start from the back of the head. Try to lift the hair using your fingers while using the blow dryer along with the diffuser with medium setting. If you are using a diffuser on the curly hair, it can make the hair look much shorter than they actually are. After using the diffuser on the back side of your head, move to the front part of your head and follow the same technique. The curly hair can get an enhanced look if you dry it using a diffuser and most of them prefer this styling.

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