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Using Curlers To Achieve Loose Hair Curls


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Creating curls with the hair is a easy method that can be done by anyone at home. But there are various techniques that can be used for creating these curls in your hair. One of the unique method for achieving the curls in your hair by using curlers. Big curlers can be used for loose curls and small curlers to achieve short hair curls.
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To start the curling process with the hair curler, first clean the hair using a shampoo and use a good hair conditioner. Then dry your entire hair using blow dryer with high level heat and completely it with cold hair setting. The cold air from the blow dryer will help in closing your hair cuticles. Start applying a styling mousse all over the hair from top to bottom with the help of your fingers. Only small amount would be perfect for short hair and those who have longer hair must use generous amount of styling mousse. Now use curler over the hair section after creating different parts in your hair. Use the rat tail comb for separating your hair into sections before using the hair curlers. After securing the curler in the hair, mist it using a hairspray and dry the hair again with the hair dryer along with diffuser. Once the hair section become fully cold, start taking the hair curlers out of the section gently. Next comb the hair from top to bottom using your fingers.

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