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Creating Fuller Look With Stringy Hair


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Having a stringy hair can give a bad look for most of the women as it cannot be used for creating different hairstyles. The hair will also look oily if it is stringy that can make it weigh down very easily. There are techniques that can be sued for styling the stringy hair to make them look fuller. You can just the normal hairstyling tools and products to make the hair look fuller than going to a hair specialist.
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Don’t wash the hair often as it can remove the natural oil produced by the scalp. Always wash the hair using dry shampoo or volumizing shampoo that has been specially developed for such hair type. Don’t use hair conditioner over the roots as it can make your hair weigh down. Get a proper haircut that can make your stringy hair look fuller. Maintain the hair shoulder-length or create a chin-length bob to give the hair fuller look. Trim the hair ends on regular basis as the damaged hair will spoil the entire hairstyles. The hair can also look much thicker if you try to color it using particular shades. Start applying hairstyling products such as hairspray, mousse or hair gel on the sections of hair from top to end. All these products that can make the hair look much thicker. Try to dry the hair using blow dryer with cold setting and make sure to lift hair from its root using your fingers.

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