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Using Conair Roller To Style Your Hair


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Conair roller is a perfect hairstyling tools to create beautiful looking curls in your hair. This tool can be used on medium to long hair types. Here is a way to use this tool on your hair without getting the hair damaged. You must clean the hair with a fresh hair, so try to wash it as well as condition it. Then comb your hair to make it knot free and heat the Conair roller.
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Before using the Conair roller over your hair, try to apply a small amount of gel to prevent it from getting damaged from the heat produced by the tool. Make parts in your hair and use the Conair roller over the section for wrapping it over towards the scalp. Secure the roller with a hair clip and continue the same with other hair parts. Let the rollers stay on your hair for just 10-15 minutes depending upon the thickness of the curl that you want to have. Next take the rollers out of the hair very gently with your hands and mist the entire hair with hairspray to maintain the hair properly. Avoid putting too much of pressure in your hair while rolling it into the Conair roller as it can damage the hair. Also make sure to apply the gel over the hair before applying the rollers over it to keep the hair healthy.

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