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Creating Finger Waves With Curly Hair


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Finger waves can give a very beautiful look if your try to create it with a normal hair type. If you are planning to achieve the same with the curly hair, there are few steps must be followed without fail. This hairstyling process with consume just few minutes and it can be done at home with few simple styling tools. You can just use the normal method of creating the fingers waves with the curly hair, but keeping it in a perfect shape is very important which can be done without going to a hairstylist.
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The first option in this styling process is applying little amount of mousse all over the hair and begin the hairstyling on top of your head. Use a comb to create a simple finger wave and make sure the hair looks like C shape. Try to keep the one strand of finger wave with one of your finger while creating the wave. Make sure to brush the other side of your head and push it slightly up. Use pins for keeping the wave pattern in place and make the entire hair to dry on its own. Use your fingers to simply twist the hair strand if you have a lengthy hair. Make the waves to move up using your fingers and let them fall naturally without any support to create a simple look. If you have problems in drying the naturally, try to use a hair dryer.

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