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Creating And Maintaining 360 Spinning Waves


360 spinning waves 360 spinning waves2
Creating a 360 spinning waves can make your normal looking hairstyle into a very unique one. But it is considered to be very difficult to achieve this look if your hair is not naturally curly. Only men like to wear this type of hairstyle and women are only few in numbers who want to achieve this look.
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Begin the styling with a haircut and make sure that the length of your hair is about one and half inches thick to create the 360 pattern. Then wash the hair using a shampoo and try a hair conditioner that is good for your hair type. Next add a pomade all over the hair using your hand and gently massage it. Take a towel soaked with hot water and try to keep it over the head for about 2 minutes. This will make the pomade to melt in your hair and then comb the hair from middle of the head. Comb the hair from crown towards the back of your neck. Now comb the hair below your crown about diagonally over the ear as well as both the side of the head. Use a do-rag to for tying it over the head for about half an hour and continue the same method on the next day. Avoid brushing the hair after taking the do-rag out of the head and leave the without washing for about 2 weeks to maintain the hairstyle in a proper way.

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