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Straighten Hair Without Greasy Look


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Maintaining a straight hair without making it look greasy is not so easy. Most of the people will try to use various products to keep the hair straight that can sometimes give the hair a greasy look. There are few things that can be helpful in creating a straight hair without the greasy look. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo that has been mixed with the baking soda which will be helpful in removing the greasy look that appears in the hair naturally.
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Begin the styling with a clean hair and use a blow dryer over the hair section till the hair stays slight damp. Then brush the entire hair and leave it to air dry on its own. Now use a flat iron over the hair section one by one from top to end of the hair strand. Don’t use the flat iron when it too hot as it can damage the hair. Also make sure to mist the entire hair with a heat protection spray so it can prevent hair damage from hot air produced by the flat iron. Once your hair section gets straight completely use the same technique all over the sections in the same way to create a straight looking hair. Now your hair will not look greasy and it will also have a straight look. Consult a hair specialist if you are following this method for making the hair straight for the first time.

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