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Using Cranberry Juice To Color Hair


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Cranberry juice is one of the best and temporary hair color that can be used if you are allergic to chemical hair coloring products. This product can help to increase the natural color of your hair if it already red. The juice can be applied on the hair strands without getting it damaged and it can be done by sitting at home. Those who have blonde hair must stay away from the cranberry juice as it can create a pink look in the hair and others can easily try this out. Just follow these steps at home for coloring the hair with cranberry juice without going to a saloon.
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Begin the hair coloring process with clean hair and apply a perfect hair conditioner all over. Once the hair gets dry, try to comb it from top to end of your hair make it free from knots. Next bend the head down in a sink and start applying the cranberry juice over the hair lock and gently work it with the help of your fingers. Now take the entire hair on top of the head and keep it in place with a clip. Use a blow dryer over the hair with low setting to make the hair dry along with the juice. After the hair becomes fully dry, try to rinse it with warm water. Use the same method on daily basis to maintain the color of your hair in the same way.

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