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Short Silky Hair Waves


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Creating short silky waves can give a very interesting look for those who have naturally wavy hair. You must know how to make parts in your hair to achieve this beautiful looking hairstyle. There are ways that must be followed without fail to create the waves in a proper way. It is mostly worn hairstyle by those who want to make their hair look shiny. This hairstyle can be created very easily if the length of your hair long and those who have short hair must give additional care to their hair during the styling process.
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Start the process after creating different sections in your hair using your fingers and make sure that they are not more than 2 inches thick. Then apply a styling gel all over your hair and spread it throughout your hair using the fingers from top to bottom of your hair. Try to make the hair as smooth as possible before proceeding with the remaining steps. Now put your hair sections into circles toward the scalp and after reaching the hair ends try to twist them to make it thicker. Use the duck bill hair clip to secure the hair near the scalp and apply the styling gel again over your hair. Try to apply hair gel throughout the hair as per your desires as it is the most important procedure in this hairstyling process and you can also use other natural hairstyling products only if required.

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