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Styling Hair With Stack Perm


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Stack perm is considered to be one of the best option to achieve volume in your hair. This product is also suitable for all hair types starting from short to long. The stack perms normally use chemicals along with hair rollers that will be stacked over each other for adding volume in the hair in a perfect manner. You can use the stack perm to create the curls in different sizes such as tight curls, loose curls, small curls as well as large curls.
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In this hairstyle, the hair will be wrapped in the curlers which are usually available in different sizes. The hair that is on top the head will be left naturally without creating curls, but the hair which left in the side of the head and at the bottom will be used for curling which can helpful in adding more volume in the hair. By doing this you can also add lot of movement in the curls. You can create different types of curls such as thick or thin depending upon your preference. To do this try to use the right type of stack perm as it is available in various sizes. There are few people want to make their permed hair look beautiful as well as unique and they can follow this technique hairstyling. Wrapping the hair in a perfect manner will determine the look of your curls, so try to give extra attention during the styling process.

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