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Taking Care Of 4A Hair


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4A is a common hair type that is mostly found among people from African heritage. This hair type has finest texture that stands in ‘S’ shape and it can also get damaged easily. You must treat this type of hair in a proper way to maintain it in a perfect shape.
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The first thing to do while treating the 4A type hair is washing with the right shampoo. Avoid using shampoos that feature sulfates and it can also easily react to chemical relaxers. Try to agitate the hair while washing it with a shampoo to prevent tangles and in case you are washing the hair on daily basis, there is no need to agitate it. Make sure to rinse the hair perfectly after using a shampoo for washing it. Conditioning 4A type hair is also very important after the washing process and always use hair conditioners that feature protein. Try using moisturizing hair conditioners on regular basis to maintain the hair healthy. You can also mist the hair with leave-in conditioner before styling it as per your wish. The final option is brushing the 4A type hair with special care as it can easily break. Divide your hair into small sections before starting the combing process. Always begin the brushing from end of the hair and slowly move toward your scalp. Use large-tooth hair brush for combing the hair and don’t create ponytails or other hairstyles that can pull your hair tightly.

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