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Ways To Use Diffuser On A Straightened Hair


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A diffuser can be used on the straight hair to keep it in place for a longer time. It can also help to keep control of your straight looking hair without creating any flyaways. There are few ways that must help in using the diffuser in a perfect manner over the straight hair. But don’t use it when you are trying to make your hair straight as it can make the hairstyle look very bad.
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Most of the people will not try a diffuser during the hair straightening process as it can cause flyaways, but it can be used after the hair becomes completely straight. The diffuser can be the best tool than the blow dryer to keep the actual shape of the straightened hair. Once your hair has been styled with the help of a diffuser it can never lose it original shape. This tool can help you in sending very less hair to the hair strands and it ca used instead of a normal hair brush. The same diffuser can also create wave in your straightened hair by simply twisting it which can send the heat in your hair to shape the straight hair into wavy look. Avoid using the diffuser on your hair apart from these methods as you may create flyaways in it. Use a heat protectant spray if you are using the diffuser along with the blow dryer as the heat produced from the tool can affect your hair.

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