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Treating Red Tones On A Bleached Hair


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The blonde hair will start to have red tones once you try to bleach them which can make them look brassy. It is considered to get rid of these red tones and it needs special attention from a hair specialist. There are ways that can help to take the red tones away from your hair. Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the package to use it in a proper way, so the hair can return to its original color without going to a hairstylist.
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First purchase a hair toner and mix it along with a developer in a proper way. Make sure that the toner features blue tones as it can make the hair look beautiful without any red tones. Start applying the mixture on the hair using the hair brush from the hair roots and then move towards end of your hair. After spreading the mixture all over your hair, try to brush the hair using a wide-toothed hair brush and then leave it for the specified time mentioned on the package. Now you can wash the hair using a shampoo and apply the right hair conditioner. You can wash your hair using shampoo that features blue tones as it will be specially developed to take the red tones out of the hair. There is no need to give any special attention to your hair after this process as the hair will return to its original color after sometime.

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