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Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Afro Hair


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Getting a pre-shampoo treatment is a very important process that can be helpful to the hair in different ways. This is normally done before using a shampoo on the hair for washing it. It is also a perfect treatment for the afro hair as it is known to be very dry. This method can maintain the hair smooth and it can also prevent harmful products from entering into the hair. Purchase a hair conditioner that features lot of protein for undergoing this treatment.
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To do the pre-shampoo treatment on afro hair, first take hair conditioner in a bowl and mix coconut oil. You can also use other oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil and even castor oil for mixing it with the conditioner. Then part the hair into various sections and start applying the mixture on each hair parts from top to end. Try to use the mixture mainly at the end of your hair with the help of your fingers. Cover your hair with shower cap and make it stay on the head for about half an hour and try to wrap the shower cap with a towel. This will make the conditioner to enter into your hair shaft very easily. Once you take the shower cap out of the head, brush it with your fingers and rinse the hair. Now you can wash the hair as normally you would do and this will not affect the hair in any way.

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