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Methods To Color Hair Extensions


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Coloring hair extensions can make it look amazing and it is also safest method to create a unique looking hairstyle. Hair extensions are normally made with plastic fibers and it is not possible to color them just like it is done on a natural hair. You must follow a proper method for making the hair extensions to look dark in color. There are three different ways that can be followed for coloring the extensions at home without going to a hair specialist and it can also be done without any damage.
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First get a liquid fabric hair color as per your desire and mix 4 oz of the liquid fabric color in a gallon of normal water. Then make the hair extension to submerge into the mixed water and let it stay for about 45 minutes. Then rinse the extension as usual and try to condition in a proper way. Another option for coloring the extension is using hair rinsing product that can be purchased from any hairstyling shop. Try to mix hair color along with the rinsing product in equal amount and mist it all over your hair. Once the hair becomes fully dry, apply the mixture again throughout your hair. To make the hair extensions look more unique try using markers from top to bottom of your hair. You can also use permanent ink for styling the extensions in this way. But this process can consume too much time when compared to other methods.

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