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Methods To Smooth Bulk Hair After Haircut


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Having a bulk in your hair can make it it very difficult during the hairstyling process. The hair will start to look coarse and frizzy with a bulk hair. The bulk in your hair can occur due to various reasons and you can get rid of them by following different techniques. One of the main reason that can cause in your hair is getting a haircut. You can use the following steps for treating any kind of bulk hair.
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If you are doing this at home, first add a generous amount of mayonnaise all over the hair and leave it for about half an hour. After rinsing the hair completely, you can see that the bulk hair will be removed. Another option is using hairstyling products while washing your hair which includes shampoos that have been specially designed for treating the bulk in hair and there are hair conditioners designed for this purpose. After washing your hair, try to use a towel to make it free from excess moisture and then use a smoothing hair product before brushing your entire hair from top o bottom. You can also try to make the hair dry fully with the help of a hair dryer and don’t forget to comb the hair during this process. Try using a hair straightener and even a curling iron for making the hair free from frizz. Then mist them with the spray that is used to keep the hair in place.

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