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Rocker Braid Hairstyle


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Rocker braid hairstyle is a perfect way to change your look. In this hairstyle, the hair will be braided along with a faux look and you can also get a shaved look on your head. Most of them will go to a hair specialist to get this hairstyle done, but you can also achieve the same look at home by following these steps. There is no need to shave your head to achieve this look as you can just create the braid tight to make it look shaved.
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Begin your hairstyling process by creating three braids on the side of your head. To do this try to brush the entire hair by teasing it gently. Make sure that the hair goes high on top of the head while teasing it with the comb. Next part the entire hair on one side of your head and create three braids in it. Start the braiding process on top of your head and move towards the end of your hair. Try to keep the braid as tight as possible and it must also look very small. Now look at the side of your head, it will start to look slightly shaved and your rocker braid hairstyle is ready. This hairstyle can easily give a shaved look at the side of the head without shaving the hair. Avoid using any hairstyling tools and products while styling the hair, because it can be created with a normal hair brush.

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