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Taking Care Of Sores After A Perm


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Sores can occur due to different reasons and one of the main thing that cause the sores is while using harsh chemicals for styling your hair. There are ways that can be helpful in treating the sore problems without going to a hair specialist. Don’t use the styling products that are harmful to your hair and which produces more heat as it can cause sores. Avoid styling the hair in different ways when you have sores problem.
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The first thing that must be done for treating the sores is cleaning the hair using a standard shampoo. Use the shampoo that is very gentle to your hair as well as scalp and rinse them with warm water. Avoid using hot water as it can make the problem worse. Apply a hair conditioner that features vitamin E as it can easily treat the sores in your scalp. Leave the hair conditioner on for more than fifteen minutes before getting the hair rinsed. Stay away from heat styling tools as they can easily cause severe damage to the scalp. Apply a serum that contains vitamin E all over the hair and mainly concentrate on the scalp that has sores. The final option for treating the sores is by using a skin ointment and in case the problem is more go to a doctor or consult a hairstylist. Don’t get any perm process done on the hair when you have sores as it can make the sores worse.

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