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Maintaining Perm Longer Period In Straight Hair


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Making the straight perm to stay on the hair for a long time needs special styling techniques. Using the right hairstyling products is very important to making the perm in a perfect manner. There are ways that can help to achieve the straight perm in the right way so it stays on the hair for a longer period.
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You must start the maintenance process in the night by simply wrapping your entire hair with silk scarf or similar to a roller. You can also try to cover the hair with any type of cloth before going to bed in the night. Most of the people like to use a silk wrap to cover their head to maintain the hair in a perfect shape. Avoid using the cloth that rubs your hair with the pillow which can create knots in the hair and take the smoothness out of your hair. Another option is to secure the hair using a hair pin to maintain the perm in the right condition. These are the two ways that can be helpful in keeping the perm in the hair for a long time. You can also get some help from a hairstylist while using the process on the hair. They can suggest you other ways of maintaining the perm in your hair in the right manner. Don’t use hairstyling products that can make the perm to remove out of your hair and perm the hair with the right product.

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