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Mixing Two Shades Of Colorsilk


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Colorsilk can be used with two shades to make the hairstyle look unique and it can also make the skin tone look flat. Even though colorsilk is known to be very less expensive, it can add a beautiful color to your hair perfectly. Try to follow this simple method for mixing two colors, so it doesn’t make the hair look dark or light. Do the hair strand test before using the mixed color to prevent any allergies.
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First decide about the color that you are planning to achieve in your hair. Then select the undertones such as red or ash that will be mixed with the main color. You can mix dark brown color with the red undertones or medium brown color with auburn. Try mixing almost same colors to achieve the expected result after it is applied on the hair. Colors such as light brown and black can be mixed together after considering your undertones like warm or cool. Always try to maintain the warm tones in the right manner while making the hair look light. While making the hair dark, try using red or gold undertones, so try to avoid them with the light color. Whichever color you are planning to mix together for applying over your hair, it is important to read the directions properly, so you can make the coloring process very simple. You can try to adjust the color proportions when you want to lighten the hair.

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