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Styling Your Extensions With Haircut


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Hair extensions are very commonly used product that is also liked by many celebrities. It is available in different ranges with prices from low to high. In case you are using the hair extensions for a long time in the same manner and planning to change the way it looks just try to cut them as per your desire. Try to start your haircutting process when the extensions are dry and cutting wet extensions can increase its length once it becomes dry.
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First keep the hair extensions in a proper place over your head and separate it as three parts using the comb. Now take the first hair section from right side and take the hair that is too long. Take this hair section with your fingers and brush it from below using the same comb and start cutting the hair that is longer than your natural hair. Keep the cut hair section away using a hair clip and take another section to use the same cutting technique. Now take the third hair section using your fingers to cut the excess hair extension. Try to cut the bangs using the comb by keeping it straight below the bangs area. Go through your entire hair to look for any excess hair or bad haircut, so you can try to cut it again. At last use extension sealer at the end of the hair which will prevent any hair fall after the cutting process.

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