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Create Bounce In Your Stiff Weave


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Creating a bouncy weave is not so easy as you must properly apply it over the hair with the help of hair specialist. Hair weaves are available in different variations and most of them are known to become stiff as days pass due to various reasons. Consult a hairstylist before treating the hair weave with any product and stay away from hairstyling products whenever possible which can keep the hair weave soft as well as bouncy.
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One of the reason that can make bouncy weave stiff is product buildup. Maintaining the weave requires oil massaging on the scalp. Try to use natural oils like coconut oil, rosemary oil and olive oil to prevent product buildup. Using hairspray can also cause buildup in the weave, so avoid using them on regular basis. Taking the product buildup from the hair weave can make it look bouncy and prevent the stiffness. Try to clean the weave using sulfate-free hair shampoo at least once in ten days, so it can take the buildup caused by all the styling products. Always wash the hair weave by keeping it completely straight and let the shampoo to move towards the end of your hair. Get help from a hairstylist if you are using a synthetic hair weave because you can use the shampoo only on a human hair weave. Now your hair weave will start to look bouncy and maintaining it in a proper way can increase its life.

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