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Taking Care Of Over-Processed Between Perming


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Over-processed hair can ia normal problem when you are using chemical products on a black hair very frequently. If you leave the perm on the hair for a long period of time, this problem can occur. There are few ways that can be used for treating your over-processed hair in between the perms. Maintain the moisture in your hair by washing which is very important.
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The first option is conditioning the hair on weekly basis after washing the hair using warm water. To do this, take hot oil for applying it over the hair by following the instructions properly. Next was the hair before applying the conditioner. Now you can use the deep conditioner on your hair and leave for about half an hour by covering it with a cap. Use warm water for rinsing the hair once again and comb it with wide-tooth hair brush. Another option is treating the hair during nighttime which is very important. First comb the hair with the wide-tooth brush and apply hair butter all over the hair. Then comb the hair using paddle brush and make a simple side part. Now use boar bristle hair brush to make the hair smooth and apply a small amount of setting cream in your hands to spread it all over. Cover the head with a silk cloth to keep the hair secured in place or you can also use a stocking cap to keep the hair in place.

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