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Bad Effects Of Brazilian Keratin Process


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Brazilian keratin is one of the process that is used for making the hair straight. In this process, keratin is used for straightening your hair than going for chemical products. Even though this method does not feature any chemical process, it is known to provide health problems. The keratin is available with high protein such as sulphur and it also features formaldehyde that can make your hair straight. This treatment is only used on the outer part of the hair for making it fully smooth and it can last for around 3 months. Here are few problems that can occur while using the Brazilian keratin treatment.
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The Brazilian keratin kit is available in salons for purchase but they are not approved in some parts of the world. This product is also known to feature formaldehyde that can cause cancer. As you try to heat the formaldehyde using the flat iron, it starts to vaporize which gets easily exposed of cancer for those who is using this treatment as well as those who are surrounding them. Apart from cancers, this treatment is also known for causing other health related problems. The formaldehyde used in this treatment can cause eye irritation and lung irritation if it has been inhaled by anyone. It will also come out of your hair making the hair exposed completely if you are following this treatment for about 3 months.

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