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Steps To Take Out Henna Color From Hair


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Henna is used by many all over the world for coloring their hair and it is the best way to change the look of your hair without using a chemical product. Sometimes the colored hair may not look good or it may appear darker while using the henna in cases there are ways to take the henna out of the hair without damaging your hair. This method can be followed without bleaching the hair to prevent severe damage to the hair and use the henna once again for coloring the hair.
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First take mineral oil for applying it over the hair strands and scalp. Use your fingers for massaging the oil evenly throughout the head and cover it using a shower cap. Then use the hair dryer over the shower cap with warm hair and leave the cap on your head for about thirty minutes.  You can also leave the mineral oil for a long time which can be helpful in adding more moisturize into your hair. Now you can remove the cap out of your head and clean the hair by washing it using a shampoo. Leave the hair to get dry on its own and now the hair will become free from henna which can be colored once again as per your desire. Make sure to give more attention while drying the hair with a hair dryer because the mineral oil applied on the hair can get hot very easily.

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