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Using Curlers To Create Loose Hair Curls


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Curlers are used to create different types of curly hairstyle and one of them is loose curls that can give a great look with thick hair. It is very easy to achieve the loose curls without putting any pressure during the styling process. You can create this hairstyle using normal hair curlers or Velcro curlers.
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As usual wash your hair and condition it normally with the help of a good conditioner. Then apply the same conditioner at the hair ends before rinsing the entire hair. Avoid using too much hair conditioner as it can make the hair weigh down. Now take a hair dryer for blow drying your hair with medium heat and end the drying process with cold air which can close your hair cuticles very easily. Next apply a small amount of hair gel in your fingers for spreading it over the hair and add the curlers in the hair. Divide the hair into sections before adding the curlers and make sure to comb the hair completely. Mist the hair with a hairspray when the curlers have been added fully over the hair. Use the blow dryer along with a diffuser to set the curlers into your hair. Make the hair to cool down on naturally and after 5-10 minutes take the curlers out of your hair just using your hands. Now you can style the hair using your fingers by making them loose very gently.

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