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Methods To Blend Straight Extensions


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Making the straight hair extensions to blend along with the natural hair is a simple process and it can be done by anyone. By doing this the hair will start to look more stylish and the extensions will look natural. The method of mixing the hair extension with the natural hair can be tricky, so try to follow this technique.
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To start first purchase the hair extension that suits your natural hair color. The extensions are available in different designs and colors, so try to select the best one. There are also various methods that can be used to blend your hair extensions. The first one is braiding method which is done by braiding the original hair under weaving hair. Create a three-strand braid by keeping your natural hair below the hair section. To create the micro braid, try to braid your hair till the end and make the hair extension to hang loose. To use the weft method, make a small amount of hair that will be used to cover the hair extensions. Use oil sheen on the hair section before combing it slightly down using the boar-bristle hair brush. For the micro ring styling method, take two inch hair section in front of your head and use micro rings on the remaining hair section. Use a moisturizing cream in the front hair section and comb the extension with the hair brush. Use the scarf to cover the top hair section.

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