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Adding Volume In A Stringy Hair


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If your hair looks stringy it can be very difficult to style in different variations. So you can just make the hair look fuller in order to remove the stringy look from your hair. Stringy hair can also look much thinner and greasy which can be make the hair weigh down very easily.
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Those who have stringy hair must not wash their hair very often and if you are washing it try using the dry shampoo. Another option is washing the hair using volumizing shampoo and lightweight hair conditioner starting from root of the hair to end. Try to cut the hair that must stay till your chin length. Always cut the end of your hair that has been damaged to prevent the stringy look. You can also use hair color to make the hair look fuller and make sure to select the right coloring product to prevent further damage to your hair. There are also hairsprays that can be used to get the fuller looking hair and use hair gels that have been specially made for using it on the string looking hair. While drying your hair use the fingers to lift it from its roots. Make the air from blow dryer to enter into the hair roots with cold setting. Use your hands to scrunch the hair slightly and don’t put too much pressure during this process as it can remove the volume created.

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