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Styling Straight Hair With Self Grip Hair Rollers


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Self grip hair rollers are normally used to created different types of hairstyle and you can use it on any type of hair. If you are using this on a straight hair make sure to follow a proper method to make the hairstyle look beautiful. While using the rollers on a long hair try to secure it using hair clips and the same must be done if you have a thick hair.
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To use the self grip hair rollers, first make sure that hair has been completely washed and dried using a hair dryer. Then brush your hair and use a spray to mist it over the hair section part by part. Now keep the hair rollers just below the hair section and comb the bristles gently from the scalp to end of your hair. Next take your hair taut about 45-degree angle and try to wind hair ends below the roller. Then roll the hair around roller and towards the scalp. Keep the hair roller in the hairs natural flowing direction and use the same technique all over the head. Now use the blow dryer to make the hair dry with medium heat for about five minutes and leave the hair on the roller to cool on its own. Now you can the rollers from the hair by simply unwinding it and just use your fingers to brush the entire hair.

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