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Ways To Make Brittle Hair Healthy


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Brittle hair is not so easy to control as it will not have proper vitamins that is required for a hair to stay healthy. There are ways that can help to make the brittle hair soft without visiting a saloon. Once the brittle hair becomes healthy, you can style it as per your wish. Just follow this method without wasting your time to make the brittle hair healthy.
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The first thing is to stay away from the tools that provide heat to the hair like the flat irons. The heat produced by these tools can be harmful to your hair that can make it brittle. Follow a proper diet that features zinc which includes almonds, walnuts, pecans and more. When you enter into the shower for cleaning your hair, try to use your fingers to gently massage the hair without putting too much or pressure over it. Apply a hair conditioner after stepping out of the shower and while moving out of your home, try o cover it with a cap. Don’t go out in the sun without covering the hair with a cloth. Never wash the hair with chlorine water as it is one of the main reasons for making your brittle. Use castor oil to massage the hair and scalp for fifteen minutes. Then rinse and condition the hair with a suitable hair conditioner as usual to make your brittle hair healthy.

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