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Changing Your Hair Color Into Yellow


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Adding yellow color to your hair can give an interesting look, but you must know the proper product to get this type of hair color. There are different types of technique available for changing the color of your hair to yellow and you can just use Kool-Aid to get it done at home.
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Get the Kool-Aid kit from the store and mix the hair conditioner. Also include 2-3 drops of vinegar in the mixture and mist the hair with water. Protect your hairline from the color by spreading a little amount of gel over it. Wear hand gloves and apply the mixture over your hair strands. Leave it on for about 4-5 hours or just see the instructions for the time to get the yellow color on your hair. During this period, try to cover the hair with a cap and after the time ends try to rinse it with normal water. Keep on rinsing your hair till there are no stains of color coming out of your hair. The yellow color will stay on the hair for few weeks and you can get the color back by using the technique once again over your hair. The yellow color on your hair can also be removed very easily with the help of shampoo and hair conditioner. The time mentioned for leaving the color over your hair usually depends upon the depth of the color you are looking to have in your hair.

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