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Using Bigen 59 To Color Hair


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Bigen 59 is a hair coloring product that can be used to color your hair permanently. It is a coloring powder that can be applied to change the color of your hair. This color can be used to make the hair look darker than the natural color of your hair. Anyone can use this product on any type of hair, but make sure to do a proper hair strand test.
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Begin the styling by doing a simple strand test to look for any allergic reactions. Then wear hand gloves to prevent the color from entering into your skin. Next take the Bigen 59 color powder in a bowl and mix it with the proper fluid that is mentioned on the product. You can use one box of the Bigen powder if the hair is medium to short in length and those who have long hair must use at least two boxes. After mixing the powder directly use it over the hair and leave it on for about half an hour. After you reach the time mentioned on the product try to rinse it using cold water. This will make the hair cuticle to seal properly and maintain the color or a long time. Avoid using hot water for the rinsing process as it can spoil your entire look. Now you can wash the hair using moisturizing shampoo and also apply a moisturizing hair conditioner before rinsing the hair once again.

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