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Styling Hair Using Straight Razor


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Straight razor blade is a perfect tool to create a bald look by shaving the entire hair on your head. This tool in normally used by men for shaving and sometimes it can be used to shave the head. Some of the women can also use this tool to create a different look without going to a hairstylist. You must know how to adjust the blade of your straight razor to do the styling process perfectly. Go to a hair specialist if you want to shave the hair on top of the head to make it perfectly.
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First purchase the straight razor from a store and wash your hands before starting the styling process. Always use a new blade with this tool to make the process very simple. Try to begin the shaving process with straight swipe and make sure to feel your hair pattern which can help to know which way the hair is growing. The straight razor is usually available with multiple steps and it can also be a simple two step method. First you must shave the hair which is on top and then use the same method to remove the remaining hair perfectly. Make the hair wet, so it can help your shaving process to keep it simple. Once you complete the shaving process try to apply oil over the head, so it can control the burning sensation.

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