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Using Octopus Clip To Secure A Bun


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Creating a bun with octopus hair clip is a simple method and you can do this by following this simple technique. This clip features eight tentacles that are capable of holding the bun in place and there are not even little chances of hair strands coming out of the bun. There are different hairstyles that can be created with the help of these octopus hair clips and one of the simple way to use it with the bun. Your hairstyle will also look great if you are using this clip with the simple hair bun and it can also give a circle like look to the hairstyle.
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The octopus hair clip can be used to secure the hair perfectly in place just like a cage. Your entire bun can be secured together so it can stay twisted perfectly in its actual place and the hair locks will also stay in their place without coming out of your bun. To use the octopus clip perfectly with the bun, first you must create a normal hair bun after creating the standard ponytail. Then twist your ponytail around itself to form the bun shape. Then take the octopus hair clip with your hand and add it with the bun using the jaws in the clip. Try to check that the clip prongs are properly placed in the bun and then take your hands out of the clip.

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