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Increasing Hair Volume With Dry Shampoo


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Dry shampoo is one of the best product that is used by most of the hairstylist because it can easily soak up the oil in your hair. It is also helpful in creating volume in a thin hair without causing any hair damage. Here is a simple way to use the dry shampoo to increase the volume in the hair.
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Before washing the hair using the dry shampoo try to brush the entire hair for few hours that can easily increase the volume. This is one of the oldest way of increasing the volume in hair. Then apply a small amount dry shampoo on the hair and backcomb the hair once again. Make sure to just mist the hair with dry shampoo than applying throughout the hair. Another option is creating volume in your hair by taking the oil out of your hair. Try to wash your hair using the dry shampoo and make sure to apply the shampoo from end of your hair to root. After the washing process try to blow dry your hair till it gets more volume. Apart from increasing the volume in your hair with the dry shampoo, it can also help to add texture in the hair. While creating the hairstyles such as braids, top knots and more just use the shampoo to mist it over the hair. After one minute you can style the hair as per your wish.

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