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Neutralizing A Colored Hair


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Neutralizing the hair with color is a very simple process that can be done at home. Most of the people prefer to use the technique at home to make it look perfect. But you achieve the saloon look by following few simple steps. Begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair and you will get a warm look at the end of your styling process. Then go to the end of your hair and open it slightly and now you will be taking the red color out of your hair. Purchase a hair neutralizer before starting the hairstyling process.
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Most of the hair will have a yellow tone at the base so try to use the color chart to know which color will look perfect with your hair. To achieve warmer look in your hair try to choose the hair color that looks almost same as your natural color of the hair. Try to use the neutralizer rod over the hair and start applying the neutralizer just vertically over the rod. Try to use the same method on the remaining part of the hair by simply applying the neutralizer. Leave the hair as it is for about 5-10 minutes and then you can take the rods out of the hair. You must put more care while taking the rods out of the hair and try to rinse the entire as usual. If this process looks difficult, try to consult a hairstylist for better result.

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