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Blend Hairlines After Using Clippers


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Blending hairlines after styling it with a clipper is very important. If you are going to a saloon to cut the hair with the clippers, the hairstylist will never leave the hairlines easily visible. In the same way if you are using the clippers at home make sure that the hairlines are properly blended. Try to start the styling process when the hair fully dry and while using the clippers make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the box.
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First brush your hair which is longer over the hairline from below and take it over your scalp. Then try to move the comb down slightly to cut the hair which comes in the middle of the trimmed hair and comb teeth. Now take the clippers with switched on and make sure to take the guard out of the clipper. Start moving the clipper over side of your comb which is nearest from the right side to left for making it trimmed evenly at the end of your hair. Next brush your hair back again over the scalp and continue the same method. This time try to keep the comb more vertical than the previous step to cut more hair. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts throughout your head and this will blend the hair in a perfect manner. Try to get some practice of working with the clippers in the right way before using them on your own.

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