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Creating Perfect Curls Using Curling Brush


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Curling brush is normally used to achieve beautiful curls in the hair. This brush usually features bristles that can be used to comb the hair than securing it with a curling iron. The hair will receive more volume if your style it with the curling brush. You must know the proper method of using the curling brush as it can cause tangles if you use it incorrectly. The styling process will depend on the thickness and the number of sections that is created in your hair.
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Begin the styling after dampening your hair with water and mist the hair with detangling spray. Then brush the hair using a comb to make it free from tangles and blow the hair with medium speed. Once your hair gets dry and brush the hair again. Now take the curling brush which must be plugged in to make it slightly heat. Place the curling brush in a vertical position and roll the hair section in it. Let the hair section stay in the curling brush for about 30 seconds only and then take it out from the brush very gently. Now use the same method of using the curling brush on the remaining part of the hair. Finally use a hairspray to mist it on the hair curls so it can stay in its place. Always use the curling brush once it has been plugged out of the socket and when it is in medium heat.

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