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Using Almond Oil For Treating Hair Follicles


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Hair follicles must be maintained in a perfect manner so that your hair looks healthy. One of the best way to to increase hair growth is by using almond oil that can easily stimulate the hair follicles. Here are few ways that can help to stimulate the follicles in your hair with the help of almond oil. Make sure you are not allergic to the almond oil before using it on the scalp. You can consult a doctor before using this oil to stay on the safer side.
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First clean the hair using warm water and herbal shampoo. Make sure to use the shampoo on the scalp by simply massaging it gently using your fingers and rinse it as usual. Now take the almond oil for applying it over the scalp and massage it again using your fingers without putting any pressure. Make the almond oil to stay on your scalp for about 30-45 minutes and if you want try to leave it during the night for better treatment. Then you can rinse the hair using cold water and go through the scalp as well as your hair to see whether that oil is left over for rinsing it once again. You can also try to include sage extract with the almond oil for treating the hair follicles. Rinsing the hair after the process is very important for treating the hair follicles.

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