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Shiny Looking Straight Side Bangs


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Straight side bangs can give a beautiful look, but it can be made to look shiny by following few simple steps. There are few styling products that can be used to achieve this look without going to a hairstylist. Try to follow this simple method to style the hair perfectly without going to a hair specialist.
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It is a very simple technique, but you must cut the bangs in a proper manner before starting the styling process. First make the hair straight using a straightener and fine tooth hair brush. Try to apply a hair serum before using the hair straightener to make the hair straight. Brush the entire hair to spread the product through the hair perfectly. Then divide the hair into sections and use a flat iron on each part of the hair very gently. Try to follow the instructions about using the hair straightener properly on your hair before applying it on the hair. Once you completely straighten the hair from top to bottom brush the hair straight downwards by simply gliding the comb. Use the same method throughout the hair and brush it to make the hair look straight. Try the same process on the bangs of your hair and avoid using the flat iron for a long time on your hair to prevent any damage. Mist the hair with a finishing spray to maintain the shiny look for a long time.

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