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Adding Volume In Your Short Hair


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Having a short hair can give a hard time for most of the people as you cannot style it as pr your desire. Most of them normally have thick hair even if their hair short and in case your hair is short as well as thin there are few things that can be done to increase the volume in it. Avoid using anti-frizz serum over the hair as it can make the hair look fuzzy spoiling the entire hairstyle.
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The first option is cutting the hair in such a way that will start to look thick. There are haircuts such as bob cut, blunt cut and others that can add volume into the hair. The short hair will have frizz which can be controlled by increasing the volume in your hair. You can also use shampoos to wash the hair which can also increase the volume in it. Then use a volumizing conditioner all over the hair for adding volume into your hair. Spread volumizing mousse all over the hair evenly from top to bottom and blow dry the sections using a brush. End the styling process by setting the blow dryer with cold setting. Another option is using curling iron or hot rollers in your hair and wrap them tightly from end towards the root of your hair. After taking the rollers out of your hair brush them with your fingers.

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